Russia - Christ The Saviour's Church

If you go for a walk during the night along the river-embankment in the centre of Moscow - Russia you may eventually run into a very suggestive scene: the well-known and magnificent Christ The Saviour's Church and the fairy-tale foot-bridge in front of it which goes across the Moskva river.The company DSL from Moscow has recently kindled the bottom side of the bridge with bright colours which are reflected in the water for a magic atmosphere.The colour sequence has been programmed to provide a continuous changing lighting effect for a unique decorative lighting of the structure that cannot be missed by passers-by.Colour mixing VESUVIO OS 250 and COLOSSEO OS 1000 luminaries are the projectors which have been chosen as the most suitable ones for the project. Particularly the possibilities of the CYM module and the IP65 rating against water and dust ingress make them the ideal tools to be synchronised in virtually unlimited colour hues.
Should you be interested in further information, please get in touch with the company in charge at the following details:
317/A Zelenograd
103482 Moscow
TEL  00...
FAX 007 095 536 2181