Spain - Opcion Ocio

Opcion Ocio, which could be translated into "our chance to leisure time" is the name of one of the biggest shopping mall in Spain.Among the installation of some pieces of the renowned outdoor colour changer Kolorado MK2 1800 and a couple of the classic multi-beam sky tracker Tracer 4000, some fifty Kolorclip units have been used to bring the lively effect of dancing colours and light in the commercial centre main square.The outstanding result has been obtained through a wise installation method which is generating a dynamic sequence of rich shades of colour, modelling the façade with constantly different mood creations.Kolorclip utilises a CDM-SA/T 150W metal halide lamp which offers an average lamp lifespan of 9000 hours with a reduced power consumption. The bright projection of eight selectable colours plus white with a 42° angle is doing a great job, while the vibrant intervals of strobe effect is producing an eye-catching show.Every single night a timer activates the operation of all fixtures which are cleverly controlled through a remote DMX system run by a PC station.This most recent success story has been crafted by the professional skills of our Spanish agent Iluminacion y Sonido Tecnoradio S.A. and for more information you can find them at:
Iluminacion y Sonido Tecnoradio S.A.C/ Sardenya 83/85
08013 BarcelonaSpain
Tel.  00... Fax 0034 93 309 74 54
Web site http://www.tecnoradio.esE-mail