Kazakhstan - The Astana Tower

The "Astana-Baiterek" is one of the most renowned landmarks in Kazakhstan. This stately tower, which is the symbol of independence, is located on the left bank of the Ishim river in the capital of Kazakhstan - the city of Astana. The tower is 96 metres high and the diameter of the spherical top is 22 metres.The idea came to the President of Kazakhstan - Nursultan Nazarbaev, who said: "the Tower needs an appropriate lighting system!"Our dealer for that area, the company Samat Show Technics Ltd., joined in the project providing lighting and electrical design as well as electrical engineering and installation support.Samat Show Technics Ltd. chose Griven for this architectural lighting challenge.By October 25th, 2002, The Republic Day in Kazakhstan, sixteen powerful 2500W Kolostream colour changers were installed all around the Tower to create an amazing multi-colour changing effect.
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