Serbia and Montenegro - A charming masterpiece of architectural lighting

Gradska kuca, the City Hall of Novi Sad,  is one of the most beautiful achievements of the Serbian architecture of the late XIX century. Built in neo-renaissance style in 1894, when Serbia was living an economic and cultural rebirth after the independence from the Austro-Hungarian rule, Gradska kuca represents nowadays one of the most culturally appreciated and photographed monuments of Novi Sad.
Providing tourists and night visitors with a breathtaking visual experience, from time to time Gradska kuca becomes charged with emotion thanks to the installation of two different kinds of GRIVEN’s professional colour changers, which have the primary purpose of creating a suggestive and evocative atmosphere every time the palace is employed for musical or cultural events. In the project of the municipality of Novi Sad, lighting is meant to support and enhance the overall vision of this antique building through a skilled use of subtle tints of colour and shadow occasionally emerging as the main focus.  The scheme developed by the appointed lighting designer - Viktor Trifu of the STUDIO BERAR of Novi Sad -  aimed to add a theatrical element to the lighting of the facades applying different colours to the various layers.
The final, outstanding,  result has been achieved through the sapient use of 16 KALEIDO MSD 575W combined with 10 KOLORADO MK3 2500W, superbly employed  to enhance and develop  the project further through the use of their intelligent CYM colour changing system. These professional colour changers always turn out to be particularly effective in this kind of applications as they fade elegantly from colour to colour giving the impression that the building stands out among the surrounding landscape.
GRIVEN’s KALEIDO, the MSD575W lamped outdoor colour changer, combines a smart CYM colour mixing system with a wide angle optical system to give the smoothest colour change coupled with a uniform and wide colour coverage. Its almost unlimited range of colours, its weatherproofed housing rated IP44 and its really compact size are just some of the benefits that have rapidly established KALEIDO as a leading force in the architectural lighting market.
KOLORADO MK3 2500 offers, with its newly conceived patented optical system, an extremely powerful light output, which has the ability to cover greater areas or distances. Superbly effective even when used with a high level of ambient light, thanks to its uniform colour coverage, KOLORADO MK3 2500 is capable of creating superb colour and light effects in the most challenging architectural applications.
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