Kuwait - Al Jhawali Mall

The economic, cultural, and political capital of Kuwait, Kuwait City, sits on the shores of the Persian Gulf, and is a mixture of exclusive Western-style hotels, designer shopping malls, traditional Islamic architecture, street markets and still war torn buildings. Being located in an outstanding financial and commercial district of Kuwait City, Al Jhawali Mall is one of Kuwait's most fashionable shopping centres. This brand new mall is part of the Real Estate House Company and offers eager shoppers a vastly assorted range of stores, boutiques and emporiums. Hosting world-class home furnishing, perfume shops, exclusive jewelleries and designer boutiques, this mall has already become a symbol of a strong emerging lifestyle willing to take good taste to new levels.
To make the shopping experience even more entertaining, some powerful GRIVEN colour changers have been strategically positioned all around the Al Jhawali mall in order to provide an eye-catching backdrop to the main building and to its welcoming arcades, pleasantly surprising and attracting visitors with a superb alternation of coloured beams.22 units of the ultra compact TRIDENT CYM 150 along with 20 KOLORADO MK3 2500 were installed respectively at the base of the arcades and of the tower building to further enhance this modern temple of shopping through a skilful use of light and colour.
The ultra compact TRIDENT CYM 150 gives high efficiency but low energy use. The high IP66 rating against water and dust ingress means that the unit is suitable for virtually any exterior or interior application and can be mounted in any orientation. The colour mixing system with cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters creates virtually unlimited colour hues, coupled with smooth blends between colour changes. KOLORADO MK3 2500 offers, with a newly conceived optical system, an extremely powerful light output, giving the ability to cover greater areas or distances, and a uniform colour coverage.