Lithuania - The everchanging colour of money

BUSINESS CENTER "1000" is a first class 10 floor office and service center located in Kaunas,  the second biggest city of Lithuania. Its utmost original outside design - made up of 4500 differently shaped and enamelled pieces of glass - has been inspired by a discontinued 1000 LTL (Lithuanian litas) banknote dating back to 1925. A refined combination of architecture and selected materials allowed the architects of RA Studija the creation of a multifunctional, ultramodern business structure which can combine a very convenient location with groundbreaking engineering solutions.
To further enhance the design uniqueness of this building through a skilled use of colour and light, 36 GRIVEN Trident were successfully used by the company Mazgas LTD. The ultra compact TRIDENT CYM 150 gives high efficiency but low energy use. The high IP66 rating against water and dust ingress means that the unit is suitable for virtually any exterior or interior application and can be mounted in any orientation. The colour mixing system with cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters creates virtually unlimited colour hues, coupled with smooth blends between colour changes.
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