The Netherlands – Experiencing Community Theatres

Community theatre is an important device for communities to collectively share stories, to participate in political dialogue, and to break down the increasing exclusion of marginalised groups of citizens. It is practised all over the world by growing numbers of people. This artistic medium places the power of art and culture directly in the hands of the whole community, firmly believing that art and culture add an indispensable dimension to everyday life that anyone should be entitled to.
In the forefront when it comes to social matters, the city of Rotterdam began about two years ago a wide refurbishing and renovation project of the 25 Community Theatres still existing in the town. The renovation program involved both the outside and inside structure of the buildings, which had to be restructured, repainted, cleaned  and give maintenance to, and at the same time the technical equipment of the theatres themselves, that had to be attended to, controlled and where possible updated. The whole programme was meant to be highly conservative, as the most important goal was to preserve the existing structures and equipments, respecting in this way both traditions and environment.
The Dutch foundation "Achter de Wolken" was asked to actively take part in this sustainable project owing to its technical know-how and planning expertise,  and was finally charged with the developing of an unique approach along with a well qualified team of experts. After visiting all the theatres, carefully testing and repairing all the existing equipments, John Bouwer, owner of Achter de Wolken, came out with a sustainable and optimal solution. The theatres were fitted with 60 new GRIVEN’s  ARCO PC 500W. This spotlight is indeed the ideal solution for usage in small theatres or stages, giving an intense and precise beam of light and being a reliable, cost-effective and energy saving lighting fixture. GRIVEN is proud to have been partner of Achter de Wolken in such a socially-aware project.

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