Norway - The Black Box Theater in Oslo

Once again GRIVEN’s LED lighting fixtures have been chosen to enhance the façade of a renowned venue, which needed an efficient and cost effective illumination system.  Dawn and Microclip units have therefore been located onto the front part of the Black Box Theater of Oslo, in order to light up the entrance door and the side windows of the building, along with the corners of the façade as if virtually framing the theatre playbill.
The Black Box Theater of Oslo was founded in 1985 and is one of Norway’s main venues for international and Norwegian contemporary performing arts. Located in a former chocolate factory in the eastern part of the city, the two-staged theatre showcases the most exciting performances in Norwegian and European contemporary theatre, music and dance.
Black box theatres became popular in the 1960s and 1970s as a kind of low-cost experimental theatre usually staged in unadorned, rough places like abandoned warehouses, old cafés or former stores, where a “pure” kind of theater could be explored with the most human and least technical elements being in focus.
According to this sought-after minimalism, GRIVEN’s Exclusive Distributor for Norway, the company Multitechnic AS of Oslo, chose GRIVEN’s MICRO-CLIP colour-changer for this project as an ultra compact spotlight fixture, which is clearly adaptable to a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments. Providing a vibrant and brilliant colour palette from a particularly thin and stylish bodywork, MICRO-CLIP features a straightforward operational efficiency where stand-alone colour sequences are available for spectacular synchronized effects and digital remote control via DMX 512 signal is a standard attribute. Wall-washing, spot lighting, interior and exterior decoration are part of a vast choice of applications assortment enhanced by multiple beam angles options and full orientation pan and tilt mounting position.