Austria - Varena: a successful translation of the modern concept of sustainability

Built in 29 months, VARENA, Austria's most modern and largest shopping centre, opened its doors in Vöcklabruck at the end of August 2010. More than 82 million Euros were invested in this huge project, which created 750 new jobs. With its exceptional architectonic layout, this impressive mall hosts shops, shop-in-shop-concepts, including 28 fashion boutiques, countless shoe stores and sports equipment centres along with coffee shops, snack bars, restaurants and service providers throughout its 32.000m². “All the best under one roof” is the Varena motto. The “V” in VARENA stands for Vöcklabruck and establishes a straightforward reference to its location. Arena derives from the Latin, meaning event location, setting and stage. And this is exactly what this shopping mall is meant to be: an attractive meeting point, a lively, indoor market place crawling with people eager to meet and socialize in a comfortably pleasant urban atmosphere.
The use of natural resources and renewable energy has become a must in the newly conceived eco-friendly architecture and VARENA can be defined as a concrete example of this environmentally, socially and economically sustainable architecture. All the technical systems of this shopping mall ensure a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, enabling an effective reduction in running costs. Hydro-extractors, which can be utilized both in summer and winter by reversing their directional flow of water, take advantage of groundwater to heat and cool the whole building. Moreover, all shops, offices and public spaces within VARENA are capable of being individually adjusted to specific room temperatures, while the lack of roof-mounted cooling systems helps decrease sound pollution.
Following this global eco-friendly strategy, the outdoor lighting system of Varena has been consequently based on LED lighting fixtures, which were chosen by the appointed lighting designers among a wide variety of available options. 40 units of POWERSHINE S RGB-W with 6° optics were easily installed around the perimeter of the VARENA shopping mall in order to colourfully enlighten the massive structure of the whole building. Main lighting requirements were to reach with the same light and colour intensity the entire surface of the large walls of the building, offering a long lasting, sharp light output while significantly reducing maintenance and running costs. The company in charge of the VARENA lighting system installation,  E.f.f.e.c.t.s. Lighting Installation, was officially provided by GRIVEN’S Authorized Dealer  for Austria, the company RTC Fürstler Sound & Light KEG, which assisted with their technical expertise and product experience the appointed company E.f.f.e.c.t.s. during all the installation phases.
Powershine S RGB+W is a high density LEDs single configuration module, which features 90 3W power LEDs capable to deliver a strikingly remarkable performance from an extremely compact unit. The chosen standard version combination of RGB+White LEDs offers an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate colour hues for a broad range of application purposes. The POWERSHINE series can truly turn the newly illuminated areas into signature locations for an unparalleled standard-defining architectural lighting achievement.
Lighting Installation company: E.f.f.e.c.t.s. Lighting Installation
Official lighting provider: RTC Fürstler Sound & Light KEG
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