Kuwait – The Port Authority building sparkles in the age of independent pixels

Worldwide established as a natural development of the most advanced application of modern lighting technology, media architecture is increasingly showing up across the globe along with its  manifold opportunities. Imposing software-driven displays light up the urban streetscape at night, creating corporate logos, attractive digital artworks, attentively blended lighting schemes and any kind of graphic patterns on  buildings façades. Transparent tubes, frosted spot units, modular bars or compact ground-mounting applications housing RGB LEDs, throw their colourful light beams from the surface of a building to create a 3D grid in which a representation of media content happens, displaying  a variety of video sequences or graphic patterns visible from miles away.
Among the wide choice of GRIVEN’s highly versatile artistic media fixtures, an impressive number of Graph-i-Spot 12 were chosen to create a newly born kind of design concept on the façade of the Port Authority Building in Kuwait City.  Aimed at creating an ever changing, dynamic pattern, almost 800 units of Graph-i-Spot 12 have been skilfully fixed onto the glass cladding of the central  part of this public palace. Graph-i-Spot 12 is a super compact single 3W full-colour LED unit that can be easily assembled with other units of its kind in any shape to build a virtual LED screen on almost all surfaces. Graph-i-Spot 12 can blend in any sort of indoor or outdoor environment and can be integrated with the existing architecture while shaping a brand new outstanding ambience. Graph-i-Spot 12 can accept any graphic, video or still image coming from a DVI media server or DMX 512 signal and the configuration system can then store and trigger the show to a striking visual effect. Professional lighting designers worldwide have already identified Graph-i-Spot as the new artistic medium for their eye-catching display where light, colour and image converge to create the extraordinary.
Moreover, in order to complete the ambitious lighting scheme of the whole building, 40 units of Powershine S with 10° optics have been placed at the base of the two cylindrical side blocks creating a  well blended wall wash effect.
Technical Information:
785 x AL2010 Graph-i-Spot 12, 1 x AD4118 Power CDI Commander, 2 x AL4120 Radio signal Receiver, 2 x AD4122 Radio Signal Transmitter, 1 x  AD4124 Radio Signal Repeater, 50 x AL2014 IP65 Electronic Driver, 850 x AL2015 Ip65 Power and Data connection cable, 1 x AL2025 Lighting Media Server, 4 x AL2026 DMX Output interface, 8x AL2054 Ip65 Power and data connection cable M/F 50m, 40 x AL2150 Powershine S (with 10° optics), 50 x AL3050 Junction Box, 1 x GR0066A 2 channels signal amplifier 
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