Peru - Lima's new atmospheric stadium

Based on a smart combination of innovative technologies and lighting layouts, the façade of the Peru National Football Stadium in Lima has recently been fitted with a multimedia system capable of capturing and reflecting the mood of the audience. Recognized as the largest crowd-controlled, interactive lighting display in the world, this stadium is now able to communicate the ebb and flow of the feelings of its fans to the surrounding city.

A network of microphones lined below the roof of the stadium registers and maps out the crowd's different noise (sound) levels, which are worked out by specifically developed hardware and software systems in real time and categorised as lighting output of four different moods: excitement, celebration, boredom and disappointment. The result is a spectacular lightshow that sparkles jauntily when the crowd is excited and fades away gradually when it is disappointed.
Designed to integrate seamlessly within the architectural framework of the stadium, the external lighting scheme has been successfully completed by 8 GRIVEN’s TRACER MK2 4000, a  powerful multi-beam sky tracker which projects 15 beams that are visible from an outstanding distance. Placed on the top of the newly renovated roof of the Lima stadium, TRACER MK2 4000 searchlights have been configured to create absolutely dynamic light patterns easily capable of capturing attention and creating a truly energetic atmosphere.

GRIVEN is proud of its substantial contribution to the innovative lighting scheme of this interactive football stadium and would like to thank Ms. Claudia Paz, the lighting designer in charge of the project, and Mr. Luke Hall, responsible for the stage lighting, for choosing GRIVEN products to give further evidence to this amazing, multi-media installation.
Concept and lighting design:
Claudia Paz, CAM (Concept)
Luke Hall (Stage Lighting)