Norway - The bridge to Bjorvika

A new pedestrian bridge stretching over the railroad tracks of Oslo’s Central Station was opened in April 2011 to literally “bridge” the gap between one of Norway capital’s oldest neighborhoods, Bjørvika, and the multicultural and increasingly popular district of Grønland, offering a fast way to get over the railway platforms that divide Bjørvika from the rest of the city.

Bestowing an impressive visual impact owing to its futuristic architectural structure, this 200 meter long footbridge is based on an asymmetrical pattern of overlapping trusses supported by four heavy steel square pilasters. Translucent glass handrails located on both of its sides and sleek steel rods hanging from the overhead structure contribute to pamper pedestrians and cyclists crossing the bridge with a magnificent view.

In order to further enhance this impressive architecture during the many hours of dark that are typical of this country overall in the winter season, a dynamic lighting system has been recently installed onto the bridge steel structure. LED light fittings have been supplied by MULTITECHNIC AS, GRIVEN’s exclusive distributor for Norway. POWERSHINE S RGBW powerful floodlights  have been placed at the base of the 4 pillars to give light and colour to the front part of the bridge while a number of PARADE D27 RGB bars have been positioned directly inside the complex truss structure in order to let it shine from within. A dynamic pattern of light and shadow onto the whole structure has been obtained by such a design layout. 

As a top player of this new integrated approach to environmental friendly urban renovating, GRIVEN, not merely a pioneering lighting fixtures manufacturing company, keeps going on along the way of its worldwide renowned ability to offer all the times the most suitable lighting solutions to embellish living ambiences and give them its essential contribution to improve inhabitants’ life quality.

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