Andorra – Caldea: Sparkling emotions

Located in Escaldes-Engordany, a beautiful thermal resort in the Pyrenees close to Andorra la Vella, Caldea is Europe’s largest health SPA and wellness center. With its 6,000 square meters of inside and outside lagoons, saunas, jacuzzis, pools, Turkish and Indo-Roman baths, cascades, bubble beds and much more, Caldea offers a comprehensive balneotherapy programme based on the hot thermal sources that naturally spring in this area.

Looking like a modern cathedral made up of many pyramidal structures of different size and height assembled according to an irregular scheme, the avant-garde architecture of Caldea reaches the highest point of impact in the central spire that sticks out towards the sky reflecting blue shades into its glass walls. High-tech materials have been chosen for both the outdoor and indoor structure of this wellness center: tempered glass for the huge windows, stainless steel for the pools and special steel alloys protected against high humidity rates and sulfurous exhalations for the indoor roof girders. 

Divided into two main zones, the SPA Leisure Area and the Wellness Area, Caldea has been recently renovated and enlarged on the occasion of  its 20th anniversary. The existing dynamic lighting system has been further improved and enriched by a series of GRIVEN lighting fixtures, among the others.  A dynamic colour changing concept is of paramount importance in a wellness center, as the use of chromotherapy enhances, along with music, the benefic effects of recreational balneotherapy in all its different forms. A number of Parade D-RGB-12, Parade MK2 D-RGB-5, Micro Dive MK2 and GoboLED 80 have been installed in the different areas of Caldea to emphasize, owing to a smart use of light and colour,  the well-being level of this hydrotherapic center.

The indoor SPA Leisure area is specific for visitors who want to benefit from the thermal water simply relaxing for a few hours in warm water in order to overcome tiredness, stress and muscular pains while enjoying the multiform effects generated by air bubbles, water jets, whirlpool massage,  swan neck nozzles, geyser, underwater currents and so on.  The huge roof girders of this area, partially covered by decorative canopies, are now enlightened by a widely diffused coloured light, powerfully reflecting itself in the whole area.

The Wellness center is the most exclusive area of Caldea, where clients can carelessly enjoy customized treatments like massages, chocolate therapy, facial and body scrubs, hammam, Watzu bath and many more  in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Precious golden tiles are diffusely used on the walls of this area to enrich any sensorial experience with their shimmer. Here the chosen lighting concept is based on soft light and gentle colour shades brought about by a well distributed spot lighting concept, that discretely conveys a warmly hued allure to this specific space. A fanciful projection of images further emphasizes this soothing area with a dynamic sequence of delicately  coloured patterns. Far away from the intensive, stimulating light approach of the huge SPA area, the soft atmosphere of this smaller, more exclusive wellness area enchants visitors with its charming allure.

We would like to thank our French Exclusive Distributor, the company CSI, and Leblanc Group, that has specified and installed our lighting fixtures in this project.

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