France - Les Murmures de Saint-Avit-Senieur: Whispering lights

Located close to the fortified town of Beaumont-du-Périgord, the village of Saint-Avit Sénieur along with its abbey and church are classified as Historic Monuments and listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. In 2014, the village and its ruins were renovated to let them proudly show their true architectural and historic value to the entire world. Dating back to the 11th and 12th centuries, the abbey and the church of Saint-Avit Sénieur have therefore retrieved their ancient magnificence, becoming the centerpiece of many cultural initiatives.

The communauté de communes (Union of communes) of Bastides Dordogne-Périgord has recently provided residents and tourists of this beautiful region with an impressive and unusual night performance capable of enhancing the architectural features of this lately rescued structure in an original and at the same time meditative way. Throughout this summer - every night from June, 28 till September, 30 from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. - a poetic evening walk, named «Les Murmures», will enliven the village and abbey through a well orchestrated combination of lights and sounds, video and image projections accompanying walkers in a dreamlike journey of sensations and emotions.

A poem by Paul Verlaine has inspired Lionel Bessières, lighting designer at Quartiers Lumières, in the creation of a scenic design playing with the architectural elements of this site, their history, heritage and allure and with the spiritual essence of poetry. Whispers of light are to be found in the contrasts created by light and shadow, present and past, reality and poetry, nature and culture. Complementary to the night walk, a cognitive itinerary delivers hints to a free interpretation of this journey through the usage of light, images, sounds but also concrete everyday objects that allow to better understand the origin of this site, its architecture and traditions.

According to Quartiers Lumières: "Je devine à travers un murmure... is Paul Verlaine’s poem that inspired us to develop this night walk project. It seemed important to us to recreate the emotion and poetry that comes out when the site is unveiled by daylight. We wanted to give it a second life, making it whisper in the night with the help of a dynamic projection of images and words. We wanted to create a magical space playing with reliefs, contrasts and shadows to allow the visitor the freedom to enjoy this place with his own imagination in a multisensory experience”.

Managed by a wireless DMX control system, 6 units of GoboLED 80 D by Griven will project during the summer nights the poem by Verlaine onto the walls of this beautiful site. "For this permanent light setting, we needed a completely waterproof, reliable solution. Goboled 80 D by Griven has turned out to be the perfect choice" asserts Philippe Chassereau, Project Manager at  Audio Pro, the company that installed the fixtures imported by CSI France, GRIVEN’s exclusive distributor for this country.

With all the renowned, uncountable advantages of the single powerful LED that is fitted with, the IP65 rated GoboLED 80 D projects a bright and accurate rendition of graphic designs or logos in outdoor and  indoor locations with the help of dichroic or metal gobos. GoboLED 80 D features greatly performing linear 0% to 100% electronic dimmer, strobe (25 FPS max) and black-out facilities. With totally smooth and silent gobo indexation, 4 gobo rotation speeds in both directions can be selected in automatic mode, while, in DMX mode, clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation speeds are growing and adjustable from 0 to 100%. The ventilation system, acting only when necessary, is also distinguished by a totally noiseless operation, whereas manual zoom and focus functions combine with more in-built beam angle tuning options to provide with maximum design creativity, dynamism and flexibility the most demanding design and application requirements.

Products specified:
8x AL2502 GoboLED 80 D

For further info please contact:

Lighting Design: Lionel Bessières, Quartiers Lumières
Product specification and installation: Audio Pro