In 1990, the Pederzani brothers Luigi, Silvio and Ernesto, founded GRIVEN S.r.l., moving their first steps in the rapidly growing market for the entertainment and show production industries. In spite of the hard beginnings, that very same year, they introduced the company to a wide audience at national and international exhibitions. In a very short time, the positive reviews and the massive success made the GRIVEN brand globally recognized for its unprecedented and innovative lighting solutions for the show business.
The very first GRIVEN collection included a series of special lighting effects for the club scene, which had a huge success in the early 90’s. Extremely popular were at those times the light show centre-pieces and multi-mirror units, which provided a symphony of amazing lighting patterns that became the symbol of the 90’s night life. The natural, even though slow and suffered evolution of those spectacular fixtures led to the design and production of a full range of acclaimed moving heads, sky trackers, theatre solutions and, later on, the first CYM colour changers, which were distributed worldwide since the first years of the company activity. 
At the end of the 90’s, GRIVEN's management realized that the gradually expanding architectural lighting sector could become an interesting opportunity for the growth of the company and, in a few years, a wide range of professional dynamic lighting fixtures played a leading role in the architectural market the world over. Through a continued cooperation with the most renowned lighting designers and architects of different cultural backgrounds, and thanks to a close relationship with the main international dealers and distributors involved in major architectural lighting projects, GRIVEN gradually expanded its product portfolio towards a comprehensive, ground breaking, highly customizable offer of eco-friendly and energy saving LED solutions for the most innovative and challenging architectural installations.
In March 2015, GRIVEN became part of Nordeon-Group, one of Europe’s leading lighting companies, to further strengthen and complete with its wide product portfolio the Nordeon-Group offer to the international architectural lighting market. 
For 25 years GRIVEN has been taking on the demanding challenge that calls for the design and engineering of a technologically advanced though sustainable range of professional lighting equipment: this has been our challenge, this is and will be our excellence.