The highest set of scores for GRIVEN in 2015!

Based on the highest design, efficiency and flexibility standards, our functional or decorative fittings have been specified during this year in distinct urban contexts as they proved capable of delivering a perfect combination of sustainability and performance, customization and reliability, now vastly required by each and every lighting installation.
Our LED fixtures have been chosen to light up an array of hotels, such as the Sheraton Doha (Qatar), the Sheraton Bucharest (Romania), the Holiday Inn Ufa (Russia), the Crockfords Tower and Hotel Michael (Singapore), along with the Crown Casino Complex in Perth (Australia). Prestigious hotels often have strict lighting requirements which must absolutely be satisfied offering not only the best and most reliable lighting solutions, but also energy-saving and eco-friendly fixtures.
We are really proud to have been able to illuminate with our high quality products the most different city landmarks the world over, such as the Prime Tower of Dubai (UAE), Melbourne Federation Square (Australia), Al-Abrar Mosque (Singapore), the Opera Theatre of Clermont-Ferrand (France) and, icing on the cake, the renowned Hué Citadel (Vietnam). Our fixtures have been able to meet the demanding and always different project specifications, making all these attractions a true eye-catching addition to their own cityscape.
Moreover, our lighting systems have been successfully implemented to light up noteworthy sport facilities, like the Heydar Aliyev arena of Baku (Azerbaijan) on the occasion of the First European Games, or the Kipstadium, located in the District of the Union (France). Both these sport facilities underwent a complete renovation, which involved also their illumination system, becoming an icon of sustainability and modernity. The true value of the rebirth of these complexes can be better seen by night, when their new contours and shapes are further emphasized either by lively bright colours or by a crown of a thousand sparkling lights.
Whether functional or decorative, a professional illumination of urban contexts always makes the difference: public facilities such as Al-Rafaa Wedding Hall and Al Shyouk Terminal in Doha (Qatar), Zelenograd Center for Culture and Leisure (Russia) or the VEGAS Kashirskoye Shopping Mall (Russia) reach their best appearance at night when an amazing game of light and colours enhances their features in a magic way.
Our continued cooperation with the most renowned lighting designers and architects of different cultural backgrounds - in combination with full information and support guaranteed by a consolidated and growing network of highly professional and skilled distributors and dealers - has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the development of functional or decorative custom-made quality products that help re-define the space we live in with eco-friendly and energy saving solutions. 
At the end of this year, we would like to thank once again all our customers, dealers and distributors who have contributed with pictures, movies and case histories of new projects to enrich our website, catalogue and newsletter.