Cheers to the old year!

This year can be considered as a milestone in the history of GRIVEN. 
2015 means for us “25 years of excellence” as in 1990 the brothers Luigi, Silvio and Ernesto Pederzani founded the company, officially entering the rapidly growing market for the entertainment and show production industries. For 25 years GRIVEN has been taking on the demanding challenge that calls for the design and engineering of a technologically advanced though sustainable range of professional lighting equipment: a difficult challenge we all are very proud of.
In March 2015, GRIVEN became part of the Nordeon-Group, one of Europe’s leading lighting companies, to further strengthen and complete with its wide product portfolio the Nordeon-Group offer to the international architectural lighting market. So now we can talk with our colleagues of GRIVEN USA in South Carolina, daily interchange experiences and cooperate about international projects with our sister companies based in Germany, UK, France and Holland. Our customers have already undoubtedly benefit from the technical and strategic opportunities that Nordeon-Group shares with us while taking advantage of our proven experience in this market.
In order to provide our customers with a tangible proof of our continuous commitment towards the steady improvement of our engineering processes and quality controls, since July 2015, the vast majority of our LED projectors have enjoyed a 5-year warranty protection term. This has been a crucial choice taken in a crucial year,  which aims at confirming our leading position among the international lighting producers. 
This year has also witnessed the consolidation of the certification process as, after ZAPHIR and EMERALD, a considerable array of GRIVEN fixtures has been certified to the CSA applicable standards. The complete series of POWERSHINE MK2 D and S, JADE 9 and JADE 16 besides the whole PARADE S family boasts now this prestigious certification which opens the doors of the American market to a large part of our assortment. 
Moreover, we have already announced that, from the beginning of 2016, GRIVEN will be officially listed among the DIALUX partners. This is a very important investment we welcome with a huge enthusiasm as it will bring about a crucial change in the global project approach and lighting reports production, according to an internationally recognized and worldwide used method.
We are extremely confident that the global evolution of our company is proceeding in the right direction and that our efforts dedicated to promoting a better, safer and more sustainable world will be rewarded by our customers’ loyalty and trust.
Happy 2016!