Onyx fabulous PIA award winner!!!

In recognition of its judged innovation properties, ONYX was awarded the 2016 Architectural SSL Product Innovation prize last March by a panel of professionals representing lighting design, lighting sales and distribution, lighting manufacturing, architecture and design, and lighting publishing.
These North American awards determine and honor the most innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the US market, while also recognizing the players behind the components that make up these light sources. The Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards also recognize leaders in categories ranging from those conducting cutting-edge R+D, to those helping in the development of standards, to those pushing to make solid-state lighting a truly sustainable technology.
The Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards reveal the criteria and characteristics of the technology that matters. One of the barriers hindering adoption of SSL and LED products among the architectural and lighting design community is an uncertainty about the quality of products available, or in many cases, ignorance of what is available. Architectural SSL magazine along with a professional judging panel reviewed all 2016 entered products across range of common criteria. The award winners represent therefore a peer-recognized selection of quality products that the architectural and lighting design community can feel comfortable specifying.
The judges’ comments about award winning ONYX were: “Stellar performance and new to the industry”. Thanks to specialized optics, the ONYX projector produces an ultra spot 4-degree beam, capable of delivering 3 footcandles at a distance of 700 feet. With precise beam control and high quality colour mixing, the projector can be used to graze extremely high façades or illuminate objects from unparalleled distances. Fitted with a combination of 96 RGBW, warm, cold or dynamic white high brightness LEDs that provide an unprecedented astonishing light output quality, ONYX is available also in the Polar Edition, which features an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated glass for a comfortable functioning even in the utmost severe cold weather conditions.
Besides ONYX, two more products of the Nordeon Group were awarded the 2016 Architectural SSL Product Innovation prize: Accadia by HessAmerica and Baldur by Nordeon. An impressive success on all sides!