LAMP Lighting joins the Nordeon Group

Eindhoven, January  9th  2017
It  is  with  great  pride  that  we  announce  that  as  of  December 22nd   2016  Lamp Lighting from Terrassa Spain, is part of the Nordeon Group.
Lamp Lighting was founded by the Cusidó family in 1972 and is a leading partner for lighting designers around the globe. Its extensive portfolio of professional luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications, its creativity and its ability to rapidly custom develop and manufacture to lighting designers’ specifications, are visible in applications across the globe.
Being from Barcelona Lamp Lighting has design at the heart of everything it does. Its commitment to design, technology and innovation is visible throughout the company and is demonstrated by its award winning products and designs. With a strong base in Spain and local subsidiaries in Chile, Colombia and Mexico Lamp Lighting  has  an  impeccable  track  record  in supporting  the  global  professional lighting market.
‘The addition of Lamp Lighting to the Nordeon Group family will further enhance the group’s ability to service a very demanding group of customers with a high performance portfolio of products. Furthermore, it will be the stepping stone for the Nordeon Group in Spain and Latin America. On the other hand, Lamp Lighting will be able to tap into the vast technology and industrial base of the Nordeon Group and market its products through Nordeon Group’s global commercial and support infrastructure’, says Patrick van Rossum, Chairman of the Nordeon Group.
Through  this  transaction,  the  Cusidó  family  will  become  a  shareholder  in  the Nordeon group while maintaining a minority stake in Lamp Lighting. ‘The family will continue to play a crucial role in the further development of Lamp Lighting and the Nordeon Group, while joining the senior leadership team of the Nordeon Group’, says Pierre van Lamsweerde, CEO of Nordeon Group.
Lamp Lighting’s CEO Ignasi Cusidó says; ‘We have been looking to join a larger strategic group in order to further solidify Lamp Lighting’s future in the rapidly transforming lighting industry. We have found a perfect fit with the Nordeon Group. Its DNA, strategic agenda, entrepreneurialism, technology base and global infrastructure will help propel Lamp Lighting into the digital age.’ Lamp Lighting will continue to operate out of Terrassa under the leadership of Ignasi Cusidó and his team.
With its brands Hess, Wila, Griven, Nordeon, Vulkan, Schmitz and now also Lamp Lighting, the Nordeon Group can cater to its customers’ every need. The combined knowledge  in  applications,  technology,  design,  specification  and  customization make Nordeon Group a true full service partner for lighting professionals across the globe.
Founded in 2012, the Nordeon Group is one of the world’s leading and professional lighting companies for indoor and outdoor lighting. With production, development and support facilities close to its key markets, Nordeon Group companies are the reliable local partner with a global footprint.
Lamp Lighting is a leading Spanish lighting company developing, manufacturing and selling indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. It is established in 1972 by the Cusidó family and is the leading specification brand in Spain, Latin America and France  for  offices, hospitality,  schools  and  urban  projects. Lamp has 4 manufacturing sites and 200 employees across Spain, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, France, Dubai and Thailand.
The Nordeon Group is one of Europe’s leading lighting companies. It consists of medium-sized, agile manufacturing and innovation sites, which operate in close proximity to their specific markets. The group's aim is to pool and utilize the experience and capabilities  of  these  individual  companies, in  order  to  offer customers maximum benefit and optimum service and performance.
The Nordeon Group can boast a comprehensive portfolio of leading lighting companies to service the market’s every need:
- The leading architectural outdoor lighting brand Griven from Castel Goffredo in Italy;
- The premium decorative specification brand Hess from Villingen in Germany;
- The outdoor functional lighting specialist Vulkan from Springe in Germany;
- The premium architectural indoor brand WILA from Wantage, UK and Iserlohn, Germany;
- The indoor functional lighting specialist Nordeon from Springe in  Germany and Chalon in France;
- Schmitz in Arnsberg (Germany) with premium indoor lighting solutions
 and now Lamp Lighting with its extensive portfolio of professional luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications.
Each of these brands are brought to market through a worldwide sales, manufacturing and support organization.
Hess, Griven and Nordeon have a strong presence in the North American market through the Nordeon Group site in Gaffney, USA. And in the Middle East the Group strengthened its position by establishing an own sales office.
Nordeon Group Tel.: +49 7721 920 475
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