Japan - Godzilla is back in town

Almost two years ago, Godzilla reappeared in Tokyo, but this time as a marketing and communication tool, a tourist attraction symbol of prosperity and diversion for the renowned Kabukicho Ward, the red light district of Shinjuku.
The fire-breathing, building-stomping monster was appointed tourism ambassador for Shinjuku ward, a night-life district known for its down-home bars and noodle restaurants. A 12 meter tall Godzilla replica head, based on the original 1954 film, is now the main attraction of a new commercial complex containing a movie theatre, a hotel, restaurants, along with Toho, the very same movie studio, which produced the Japanese versions of Godzilla.
Godzilla’s image has had its ups and downs in Japan, but it was brought back to the general attention after the Hollywood “Godzilla” directed by Gareth Edwards became a global hit in 2014. Japan is hoping the biggest star in this nation’s movie history will help attract tourists thanks to the market strategy promoted by the Japanese prime minister.
The pre-historic gojira - as it is pronounced in Japan - is a combination of gorilla and kujira, meaning whale, a genetic aberration caused by nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean. Designed after the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki causing the end of World War II, Godzilla has become a symbol of the devastating trauma suffered by the Japanese population. Transforming reality into a fiction drama, Godzilla, whose scales resemble the victims’ keloid scars, embodies the sublimation of a people’s tragedy.
Over the years, Godzilla has demolished Shinjuku ward in three of Toho’s Godzilla films, besides the Tokyo Tower, the Rainbow Bridge, the Parliament building and several castles in Japan, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge and other chunks of San Francisco in the Hollywood version. But at last, when the world is once again beset by the appearance of monstrous creatures, Godzilla turns out to be the only one who can save humanity.
Towering at 52 metres (171ft) above ground level, the life-size, 12 meters tall Godzilla head, located on a balcony of the eighth floor of the 970-room Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, expels smoke from its mouth, its fierce eyes sparkle in the dark and its head shines threateningly on the whole district of Shinjuku. Godzilla’s head can be seen also through the ninth floor hotel room windows of the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku. The hotel offers six Godzilla view rooms with windows looking directly onto Godzilla, and one themed room containing a man-sized Godzilla statue as well as a large Godzilla claw stamped over a bed as if the beast were about to enter the room.
In order to let the Godzilla head appear fiercer than ever, a way after its construction, a dedicated LED lighting system was introduced in various steps to enjoy the monster presence even at night. Nobu Yoshida, Division Manager at Lightcosmo Co. LTD was in charge of the illumination of the monster’s head, and specified some GRIVEN products to light up its main features. Two Emerald units in RGBW colour configuration were installed in Godzilla’s mouth to illuminate its firing breath while two more Emerald fixtures were used to deliver a fierce appearance to its eyes. 6 Jade 16 RGBW were dedicated to light up its nails, and 4 Zaphir RGBW light up its dorsal fin. As a last step of the installation, the whole head of the beast was lit up with the help of 4 units of Coral RGBW
The legend of Godzilla is not over…
Products installed: 
4x Emerald RGBW
6x Jade16 RGBW
4x Zaphir RGBW
4x Coral RGBW