Poland - A colour changing skyline

Warsaw is continuously changing with new parks and boulevards taking shape on its riverfront and sparkling glass towers enhancing its expanding skyline. The greatest symbol of this ongoing change is undoubtedly Zlota 44, the tallest residential tower in Europe and Poland’s most luxurious housing estate development. 
Designed by the world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind, who grew up in industrial Lodz and left Poland at the age of thirteen after losing most of its family members in the Holocaust, Zlota 44 is referred to by the locals as “the sail”, as its forefront frontal shape clearly suggests. Libeskind sees it more as an eagle, the emblem once removed from the Polish flag he wanted to give back to the city as a symbol of renewed freedom. With this architectural and commercial success, Liebeskind wanted to create a deep connection with the history of Poland, making this building stand out because of its heart, its shape and its light. 
A luxury residential complex hosting penthauses with first class facilities, Zlota 44 offers elegant  smartphone-controlled apartments with a big luxury branded concierge service and a leisure and entertainment complex for residents, unheard of in Poland before.
To further emphasize its peculiar sail-(or eagle-wing-)shaped façade, it was decided to highlight it in bright colours with the help of a limited number of colour changers, powerful enough to light up its glass walls in an flawless way up to the top  in spite of their uneven surface. 
Provided by Poland’s official distributor for GRIVEN products, the company Prolight Co. Ltd., and installed by the lighting professionals of Lampo (Poland), an array of Powershine MK2 D in RGBW colour configuration were installed on the roof of the lower basement of the building in order to reach the whole height of the structure. A dynamic colour changing scheme now enhances in a beautiful way the tower, which always appears along with the Palace of Culture and Science in every skyline picture of Warsaw. Some years ago the well-known Palace of Culture and Science had been revived in two phases with a GRIVEN LED colour changing system specified and installed by our distributor for Poland.
As a further part of Warsaw’s skyline, another landmark of the Polish city has been recently enhanced by a combination of different lighting schemes, the Warsaw Marriott Hotel. One of the most popular and recognizable buildings in Warsaw, the Marriott is a five star hotel boasting all sort of amenities, among which a pampering spa, a well-stocked fitness center, a heated indoor pool and five on-site dining options, including an Italian restaurant and a lively sports bar. 
To further emphasize its uniqueness, it was decided to complete the existing illumination with a complementary dynamic lighting system, involving different parts of this huge building. The installation company in charge of this project, Lampo (Poland), choose once again GRIVEN lighting fixtures because of their quality and reliability, already proved by the many previous installations in Warsaw. 8 units of Onyx in RGWB colour configuration were mounted in couples at the four corners of the building in order to enhance its edges with an intense long-throw beam of light and colour which could reach its top without problems. Specific for architectural projects demanding for impressive though sustainable lighting performance, Onyx RGBW features an incomparably functional, ultra-narrow, sharp, long-shot beam of light capable of reaching previously unthinkable distances with amazing precision and even light distribution. Moreover, 4 Powershine D MK2 RGBW were used to give a splash of dynamically changing colour to one of its façades.
Products Installed:
7x Powershine MK2 D RGBW
8x Onyx RGBW
Installation company: Lampo Poland
Distributor in Poland: Prolight Co. Ltd.