The Netherlands - Temporada: A dynamic lighting design

In 1997 the GSB (Revitalising Policy for Major Cities) marked the beginning of a new integrated approach to urban restructuring, which aimed to revive the four most important cities in the Netherlands, with a new impulse from a structural, social and economical point of view.
Focused on this urban renewal policy, a programme of coloured dynamic lighting called "Temporada" has been recently implemented in the gardens of 'Hoge Kampen', a poverty-stricken area in Rotterdam Zuidwijk district, which was built in the 50s' around twelve post-war housing estates.
The lighting designer in charge of this project, Femke Bouwer-van Schie of the Dutch foundation "Achter de Wolken", developed this dynamic lighting design after a deep analysis of the structural, social and cultural features of this environment: "This installation had for us the main purpose of exploring the effects of a dynamic and colour changing lighting in urban areas afflicted by poverty, violence, social insecurity or depression. We wanted to use light and colour to add a touch of magic to the district of Zuidwijk in order to create an artistic atmosphere in its streets and gardens that could positively affect its residents attitudes. Therefore we have talked a lot to the people of this area during the development of the project, to try and find out more about their everyday lives in this part of Rotterdam. The input people gave us was very useful for us to better understand how to adjust our lighting design. We came to the conclusion that what we needed to project in this area was not only light and colour, but first of all emotions, feelings, and a visual kind of lighting poetry".
The use of environmental friendly LED lighting fixtures, like GRIVEN's Dawn Full Colour, Danube FC and Dawn Single Colour, has consequently become a natural choice for the Lighting Designers of Achter de Wolken, as they could match with GRIVEN's colour changers the ecological needs of an urban renewal process with the emotional requirements of a hardly burdened neighbourhood.
Temporada is a project from Every Cloud Foundation. The foundation develops social-artistic lighting designs for areas that are waiting for demolition or restructuring, and therefore feel neglected or forgotten. The Temporada project will be completed by August 2009.
Please feel free to contact following company to find out more:
Stichting Achter de Wolken
Contact persons: Femke Bouwer-van Schie and John Bouwer