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Graph-i-Pix Clear 30 RGBW


  • Max. delivered lm output: 150 lm / 30 lm/W
  • Size: (LxWxD) 298x28x32 mm / 11.7x1.1x1.3"
  • Control system: DMX, self-addressing
  • Ultra-slim profile featuring either 1 or 2 individually addressable pixels (1 pixel=6 LEDs) for the creation of almost any graphic visual concept on large scale façades

View LED colour configuration: RGB+W 4000K
  • RGB+W 4000K
  • RGB+W 3000K
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General Features

Fitted with a transparent diffuser, GRAPH-I-PIX CLEAR 30 RGBW is capable of reproducing almost any graphic visual concept on large scale façades, where more modules can comfortably be set up for a uniform pattern layout. Perfectly blending with any architectural environment owing to its ultra-slim profile, this striking direct-view advanced lighting solution stands out for its functionality and versatility. By incorporating extraordinary pixel mapping features, it allows the most creative designers to sculpt 3D elements and abstract imagery with solid artistic impact. GRAPH-I-PIX CLEAR 30 RGBW can be selected in two different configurations featuring either 1 or 2 individually addressable pixels for an optimal optic outcome. Furthermore, it offers three alternative mounting options, adding to its overall product flexibility. The RGB+W 4000K and 3000K versions ensure a high-quality white light output.
Colour configuration
High brightness RGB+W 3000K or 4000K multichip LEDs
Optical configuration
Max. Delivered lumen output
150 lm
Max. lumen/Watt
30 lm/W
≥48000 CD/m²
Pixel pitch
125mm min. (6 LEDs)
280 pixel/m2 max.
Input voltage
Main unit 24VDC. IP67 separate transformer 100-277VAC / 50-60Hz.
Power consumption
Ingress protection rating
External operating limits
-40°C to 60°C / (-40°F to 140°F)
5-year warranty
GRAPH-I-PIX CLEAR 30 RGBW must always be purchased with AL6012 Address setting DMX driver to set the DMX address. More units can be addressed with one AL6012.

Light Beam Effects

  • Flat clear diffuser


  • IP66
  • DMX
  • Independent pixels
  • Self-addressing
  • III
  • Meets CE safety standards, Rohs compliant

Optional Features

  • ETL certified version available on request


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