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Krait MB 1616 Dynamic White


  • Max. delivered lm output: 620 lm/m / 45 lm/W per metre
  • Size: W16xH16 mm (W0.63xH0.63"). Selectable length from min. 100mm (3.9") to max. 5000 mm (6.5")
  • Control system: ON-OFF (dimmable via PWM)
  • Direct view, multi-bending, flexible LED strip featuring an outdoor rated silicon body, which can be seamlessly fitted to any curved or irregular surface to deliver elegant effects in tunable white light

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General Features

KRAIT MB 1616 DW is a flexible, direct view LED strip which can be controlled via any PWM control device. Twisting from side to top bend, this multi-bending lighting solution can be seamlessly fitted to any curved or irregular surface to deliver bright effects in tunable white light from 6000K to 2700K. Its outdoor-rated silicon body elegantly enhances contoured architectures, coves, and unconventional structures with an even radiance. KRAIT MB 1616 DW can be effortlessly secured onto various irregular and complex surfaces by means of dedicated fixed or bendable channels, brackets or clips, enabling the creation of distinctive designs that emphasize both architectural and landscape applications. Featuring a maximum run of 5m, it comes in custom built lengths as a practical plug&play configuration to suit the most specific project requirements.
Colour configuration
High brightness Dynamic White LEDs  with an adjustable colour temperature range between 2700K and 6000K
Optical configuration
Max. Delivered lumen output
620 lm/m
Max. lumen/Watt
45 lm/W per metre
Maximum twist angle
360°/m 110°/ft
240 LEDs/m
Input voltage
24 VDC
Power consumption
14W/m (4.27W/ft)
Minimum bending radius
Side bending: 150mm (5.9") / Top bending: 150mm (5.9")
Ingress protection rating
Impact resistance rating
External operating limits
-20°C to 45°C / (-4°F to 113°F)
5-year warranty (indoor installation) - 3-year warranty (outdoor installation).
A selection of different mounting accessories is available. External power supply unit required.

Light Beam Effects

  • Opaline diffuser


  • IP67
  • IK06
  • ON-OFF
  • III
  • Meets CE safety standards, Rohs compliant
  • Made in Italy


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