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Parade L MC 2 Recessed RGBW


  • Max. delivered lm output: 1813 lm / 49 lm/W
  • Size: (LxWxD) 680x142x117 mm / 6.8x5.6x4.6"
  • Control system: DMX-RDM, DALI DT8, DALI, self-addressing, independent pixel, remote wireless data
  • Walk-over recessed linear modules fitted with multichip LEDs 
  • Please note that the formwork must be purchased separately.

View LED colour configuration: RGB+W 4000K
  • RGB+W 4000K
  • RGB+W 3000K
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General Features

Responding to aesthetic appeal and chromatic adaptability criteria, PARADE L MC 2 RECESSED features multichip LEDs in either RGB+W 4000K or RGB+W 3000K configuration. Based on quad-colour LEDs for superior color mixing directly at the lens, this in-ground module assures smooth colour transitioning with real uniform coverage purposely on close-up installations. Featuring one-foot-long independent pixel clusters, an optional version delivers dynamic visual concepts on large-scale urban spaces. Its IP67 weather protection rating, integrated electronic power supply, and quick plug&play set-up make it a cutting-edge solution for dependable and durable recessed use in pedestrian areas.
Colour configuration
High brightness RGB+W 4000K or 3000K power LEDs
Optical configuration
9° SP (Spot)
14° NA (Narrow)
25° ME (Medium)
37° WI (Wide)
9°X51° EL (Elliptical)
33°x60° WL (Elliptical wide)
Max. Delivered lumen output
1813 lm
Max. lumen/Watt
49 lm/W
Input voltage
220-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Power consumption
0.17A @ 230V / 37W max.
Ingress protection rating
Impact resistance rating
External operating limits
-40°C to 50°C / (-40°F to 122°F)
Polar Edition
Available on request.
2-year warranty
One  Infrared  Remote  Control  AL1321  must  always  be  purchased  for  DMX/RDM  and  independent  pixels versions, unless an RDM compatible control is used. More units can be controlled with one AL1321.

Light Beam Effects

  • Spot
  • Narrow
  • Medium
  • Wide
  • Elliptical
  • Elliptical wide


  • IP67
  • IK10
  • DMX
  • RDM
  • DALI
  • DALI DT8
  • Independent pixels
  • Self-addressing
  • I
  • Walk-over
  • Meets CE safety standards, Rohs compliant
  • Made in Italy

Optional Features

  • Anti-slip treatment, for a safe and comfortable use in pedestrian areas, available on request
  • Optional Polar
  • External Wireless Data
  • ETL Listed


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Mantova – Italy
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