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Landscape lighting in Tuscany

The marvellous garden of a private villa located on the Tuscany hills has been gorgeously illuminated by Griven’s in-ground uplighters and small bollards.

As one of the most beloved and visited Italian regions, Tuscany offers, besides a historical, artistic, architectural, and cultural heritage of great interest, a wonderful natural environment. Meadows and vineyards, hills and mountains, countryside and coastal areas make Tuscany a wonderful, sought-after location.  

Typical of the Tuscan countryside and hills, stone villas with terracotta roofs, large windows and geometrical forms are a distinctive part of the local culture. Featuring the classic Tuscan style, their gardens are usually filled with fragrant rosemary and sage plants and embellished by majestic olive trees, while their driveways and paths are bordered by high cypress trees.
Private villa in Tuscany
Pistoia, Italy
Lighting concept, design and installation
Ombre-1 S.r.l.
Damiano Bresci – Artbmp studio
Located on the romantic hills of the Pistoia province, the gorgeous gardens of a private villa have been lit up in a whole palette of colours completed by lively details in warm white light. When it comes to landscape lighting, our recessed in-ground uplighters as well as our small bollards offer seamless performance and appealing light accents from a stylish, elegant body.

In charge of the lighting project of the outdoor spaces of this private villa, Giacomo Matteini with the company Ombre-1 Sr.l., has chosen a minimalist approach for the lighting design of the garden, keeping a dramatic effect to enlighten trees, flower bushes, and driveways in either bright colours or pastel tones, while choosing a warm white tone for the architectural details of the external areas. Dune MC in RGBW colour configuration have been used to enhance the larger olive trees spread all over the estate, while Micro Dune MC have been employed to highlight the cypress trees located on the borders of the driveways and paths of the park, creating gorgeous night scenes. Both in-ground uplighters, using quad-color LEDs for superior color mixing directly at the lens, deliver seamless light distribution and smooth colour transitioning. In order con complement the outdoor layout, the brand-new Moon Spike and Moon Recessed fixtures in warm white configuration have been selected to enhance either small bushes or architectural details of this beautiful garden.

 Lighting design: Giacomo Matteini – Ombre-1 Srl
Product supply and installation: Ombre-1 Srl
Pictures: Damiano Bresci – Artbmp studio    

Products installed:
DUNE MC MK3 RGB+W 4000K wide optics
MOON Spike warm white
MOON Recessed warm white
Micro Dune MC RGB+W 4000K medium optics
Wall TSC
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