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Bach Lam Bridge, Yen Bai

Inaugurated in June 2018, Bach Lam Bridge has been recently provided with a ground breaking illumination system, which enlightens the architectural layout of the extra-dosed bridge with a surprising colour changing effect at night.
Built in less than two years according to the most advanced construction technologies, Bach Lam Bridge is the first two-pillar cable-stayed bridge of Yen Bai province to cross the Red River. Delivering a modern take on the mainly rural landscape, Bach Lam Bridge is already contributing to promoting the province competitiveness in a period of strong development, implementing favorable conditions and practical advantages to attract investments in the area.
Lighting design
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
PhuThanh JSC- HanoiPhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
Meeting the requirements of administrative, political, and economic institutions, the new bridge is fostering Yen Bai city commercial vocation through a faster and shorter traffic connection between Highway 37 and the Noi Bai-Lao Cai Expressway. An important milestone in this period of intensive renovation, industrialization, and modernization, Bach Lam Bridge has undoubtedly created new opportunities to promote socio-economic development of Yen Bai city in particular and Yen Bai province in general.
With a global width of 18m and a total length of 435m, Bach Lam Bridge includes 7 spans and is fitted with two 20m high piers of prestressed concrete supported by a reinforced cable-stayed structure. Beside its modern and eye-catching design, the bridge ensures a Class III navigation owing to the height of its support pillars, which allows the required distance from the water surface.
PhuThanh JSC- HanoiPhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
PhuThanh JSC- HanoiPhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
PhuThanh JSC- HanoiPhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
PhuThanh JSC- HanoiPhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
PhuThanh JSC- HanoiPhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
Conceived and fulfilled by PhuThanh JSC, leading company in the installation of LED technology in Vietnam, the lighting scheme of the bridge aims at illuminating its central part with a dynamic colour changing effect, focusing on the pillars and their cables, which define the architectural layout of the bridge.
The lighting project is divided into two phases: the first phase, which involves the central part of the bridge, has been already concluded, while the second one, extending a decorative and functional illumination to the whole length of the bridge on its borders and lower pillars, is already being implemented and will soon be concluded. 
In order to light up the double row of cables that sustain each of the two piers on both sides, 36 units of EMERALD in RGBW colour configuration with spot optics have been located at the base of each single cable to reach up to its full length, for a total of 72 units. For this first installation phase, 8 units of ZAPHIR RGBW with spot optics enhance the concrete structure of the two piers. Even though the effect is still partial and the best part is yet to come, the installation already enhances the main contours of the bridge at night in a beautiful, elegant way.
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