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Aesthetic enhancement through lighting

Located in the eastern part of Lisbon between Parque das Nações and the city International Airport, the IDB LISBON – Innovation & Design Building Lisbon covers 48,000 square meters mainly adhibited to commercial and retail purposes. Among the largest office buildings in Lisbon, Entreposto has recently been acquired by the US and Germany-based firm Jamestown, which intends to continuously enhance tenants’ experience through the implementation of improved amenities and more attractive common areas with an eye to sustainability.

Now part of this eco-friendly and ambitious growth plan, the building was originally built and used for industrial activities.  After a total refurbishment in 2002 and thanks to its efficient and well-arranged lay-out, the building has attracted the attention of emerging companies in Lisbon, becoming an increasingly appealing destination for near shoring and high-end business process outsourcing.
IDB LISBON – Innovation & Design Building Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal
Product supply
Lighting designer
Eng. Fernando Gusmão, Lightplan
The former Edifício Entreposto, now called Innovation & Design Building Lisbon, has required a new, sustainable LED lighting to strengthen its new green image and extended functionality. Conceived by the renowned engineer and lighting designer Fernando Gusmão, founder of the companies OHM-E and LIGHTPLAN, the lighting design of the building was aimed at enhancing its minimal architectural structure with vertical beams of coloured, brilliant light without involving its large glass windows.

Owing to the small size of the square columns featured on its façade, spotlights with very narrow shafts were required to deliver the desired illumination effect. 20 Jupiter with a custom RGBW color configuration featuring 2700K white LEDs, fitted with spot optics, have been used to highlight the upper level of the building. Specified by the Portuguese company Livingleds, the fixtures have been installed at the base of each column to light it up to the top. Capital 100 in the same configuration were preferred to enhance in bright colours the first and second level of the front curved façade of the building as well as both sides of the ground floor walls.
The lighting designer Eng. Fernando Gusmão tells us: "The lighting project was based on a technical, aesthetic, and ambience philosophy, to do justice to the building. On the one hand, this proposal bets on a high level of harmony with the underlying architectural concepts, seeking to enhance them through light. The implementation of the exterior lighting was designed considering the formal characteristics of the facade, always taking care to present it discreetly and integrated into the architecture.

The good result of the aesthetic enhancement of the building through lighting engineering intervention also depends on adequate levels of visual comfort, correct color temperatures, good color rendering and controlled variations in brightness. The design of the chosen luminaires was also an important aspect to observe.

This strong commitment to sustainability, technology, and innovation is reflected in the use of LED technology in indoor and outdoor lighting equipment. Among other aspects, it should be noted advantages such as the reduction in consumption by around 80%, the LEDs longevity period exceeding 50,000 hours, the non-emission of ultraviolet light, resistance to impact and vibration, and the flexibility of use, given the reduced dimensions of this type of lighting system”.

The building has now acquired a new, distinctive personality which makes its dated architecture stand out in a modern, appealing, and colourful way.

Products installed:
45 x CAPITAL 100 RGB+W 2700K spot optics custom version
20 x JUPITER RGB+W 2700K Spot optics custom version
1 x AL1321 Infrared remote control  

Lighting design: Eng. Fernando Gusmão, Lightplan,
Product supplier: Livingleds,
Pictures: Courtesy of Livingleds

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