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Quang Ninh Exhibition of Planning and Expo Center, Ha Long

Quang Ninh Exhibition of Planning and Expo Center, Ha Long

Quang Ninh Exhibition of Planning and Expo Center (QNEPEC) has been recently lit up by PHUTHANH and GRIVEN in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.

Located in northern Vietnam close to the Chinese border, Halong Bay is a natural wonder, dotted with 1,600 limestone islands and islets, which covers an area of over 1,500 sqkm. Declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, Halong Bay features an amazing wide biodiversity, offering a surrealistic scenery to the millions of tourists who visit it every year.
Overlooking the Gulf of Tokin, the Quang Ninh Exhibition of Planning and Expo Center, built in just 19 months and featuring 21,000 square meters of floor space, was inaugurated early in 2018 to serve the busy Ha Long City area. Located on Tran Quoc Nghien Street, the newly built complex consists of two separate futuristic buildings connected by a complex system of elevators, escalators, and stairs.
Lighting design
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
Product specification and installation
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
The design of first building resembles a species of pearl-making shelled mollusk, which is abundantly found in local waters, and regularly hosts regional events, exhibitions, and expos. A second, dolphin-shaped building is reserved for the exhibition of public projects and signature architectural and religious structures in the province. The exhibition complex has already become an unmissable venue for significant cultural and social activities in the whole region, highlighting its economic achievements in a brilliant way.

With its appealing architectural shape, this iconic building is not only a symbol of the local aquatic life and of its ecosystem, but it also represents the extraordinary economic, social, cultural and tourist success of Quang Ninh Province, now on display in this modern Exhibition and Fair Center.
In order to highlight this imposing urban architecture, 30 units of EMERALD in a custom 4000K white configuration fitted with wide optics were selected and installed according to a lighting design scheme created by GRIVEN’s regional preferred partner, the company Phuthanh JSC, based in Hanoi. The chosen natural white shade lights up the smooth asymmetrical architecture of the complex in a pleasant way, enhancing the whole structure without spoiling the naturalistic surrounding area. Mounted on poles topped by metal boxes fitted with protection grids, the EMERALD units deliver a uniform natural white light to the animal shaped structures, enhancing them all at night.

Benefiting from state of the art electronic colour mixing, EMERALD features 60 premium quality high power RGBW, cold, warm, or dynamic white LEDs, coupled with a variety of high build and design optics groups for the utmost optical efficiency, balanced projection and photometric flexibility.
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