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Dubai Marina stands as a pinnacle in maritime excellence, boasting around 700 berths capable of hosting yachts measuring up to 160 meters. Offering a comprehensive home port solution, it caters to both guests and crew alike. Moreover, its strategic location facilitates seamless access to the vast expanse of the Arabian Gulf without encountering any air draught limitations. With a commitment to excellence, boat owners and captains can rely on its state-of-the-art technical facilities and top-tier security, ensuring uninterrupted access year-round.

Nestled in the heart of Dubai Marina, the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club emerges a remarkable architectural construction meticulously crafted to serve as the nucleus of the community. This prestigious establishment hosts extensive amenities, including yacht brokerage firms, maritime insurance services, and handpicked retail and dining outlets. Its striking steel finned roof, reaching out towards the marina, welcomes incoming vessels with "open arms”, making it a captivating sight along the waterfront.
Dubai, UAE
Lighting design
Light Touch
Product specification and installation
Acoulite Trading LLC
Designed by AMA studio, this structure is strategically situated between the iconic Palm Jumeirah and bustling Dubai Marina, serving as a pivotal component of the Dubai Harbour development project. Offering unparalleled vistas of the city skyline and waterfront, the building features a robust foundation of concrete and steel, with its defining roof constructed from meticulously shaped steel box beams, each contributing to its distinctive curve and allure.

In addition to its striking physicality, the harbour has emerged as a prominent venue for hosting various sporting events, including the FIFA World Cup FanZone and running races. Moreover, its recently developed promenade has quickly gained popularity as a vibrant public space, attracting cyclists, runners, and families alike.
As a distinctive element of the building, the original steel finned roof of Dubai Harbour Yacht Club was the perfect canvas for an outstanding illumination capable of enhancing with emotional effects its geometrical layout.  Designed by Light Touch,  a collaboration of experienced design professionals based in the Middle East, the lighting concept aimed to highlight the yacht club's unique lamellar structure with either white light or vibrant colours. This emphasis was crucial for ensuring visibility of the club's shape from different perspectives within the Dubai Marina.

Provided and installed by Acoulite, a leading distributor of lighting and acoustic solutions in the Middle East, Jupiter RGBW units, equipped with either spot or wide optics according to their positioning, were strategically mounted on the roof, on the upper part of support columns as well as on poles to enhance the entire structure from various angles.  All the fixtures were fitted with beehive antiglare filters and snoots to ensure optimal illumination without causing unpleasant glaring effects. Furthermore, they were delivered in a white finish to match with the colour of the building's walls. Capital 100 RGBW units were positioned at the base of the squared support columns to complement the general illumination along with some units of PARADE L2 Recessed in warm white light. Additionally, a series of Moon and Half Moon in 3000K were employed to create an emotional atmosphere in the gardens and flowerbeds surrounding the Yacht Club.

Now, the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club illuminates the Marina's skyline with captivating hues, transforming the waterfront with its radiant charm and embracing the essence of Dubai's maritime prestige.

Lighting design: Light Touch,
Product supply and installation: Acoulite Trading LLC
Pictures: Danilo Bettinazzi, Griven Srl  

Installed products:

14x CAPITAL 100 RGBW Narrow RGB+W 4000K White RAL 9003
14x Beehive Antiglare filter for CAPITAL 100
14x Snoot for CAPITAL 100
7x Beehive filter for PARADE L2 RECESSED
79x JUPITER RGBW Wide White RAL 9003
96x Connection KIT 96x Beehive for JUPITER
96x Snoot for JUPITER
7x MOON WALL W Narrow 3000K White RAL 9003
2x MOON WALL W Spot 3000K WHITE RAL 9003
38x MOON SPIKE W Narrow 3000K Anthracite RAL 7016 
31x DALI LED Driver
45x Beehive Filter
7x Junction box
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